Thursday, September 10, 2009

gleed out

i feel i owe you an apology.

for those of you that had 100% high hopes for the well-advertised and piloted 

[as we all did]

was that what you expected?

cause i was only really 70% entertained.

the first one was like high school musical meets arrested development.
funny, witty, bright colored like the late pushing daisies...

this one was like high school musical meets south park and sex ed...
uncomfortable for most involved, especially when in mixed company.
still good dialogue, for the most part. 
some great one-liners in there,
we did laugh a great deal.

i am going to give it one more week, 
cause that's the kind of person i am.

but if this is a show that will teach kids all kinds of crap 
and wrap it in fun musical style and call it good,

i might just have to pass.


  1. of course they had to trash it up.
    i was mad.

    {i'm also dead serious when i tell you that my verification word is "farty".}

  2. Oh my word. I was so disappointed. I was so ready to love all the songs...and dances. But I literally muted it for like 20 minutes...and then had to change the channel for at least 2 of the scenes. I said I'd give it one more week too, but I'm really hesitant.

  3. I love this new post because.. well, first, you get it, and second you have a wonderful voice for good vs bad and you told it like it is (in wonderful language I might add). That's my girl! I'm so disappointed. Truly.

  4. Yeah, I'm going to have to go with you on this one. I did like what did (or did not?) happen with the relationship between glee teacher and clean freak lady. Also, I feel like they're making an attempt to round out the incredibly flat and whiny wife that so annoyed me in the pilot (do we really have to keep pushing the message that all wives are naggy and demanding? Really?). We'll see how it goes.

  5. I was disappointed too. It's not just the morals that urked me, which they did, but the writing was bad. Like Jacob said, they put a whole season arch in one episode. I think they tagged on some interesting twists at the end there, but seriously. Who do they want watching this? It's really not appropriate for kids and it's uncomfortable for adults. I'm with you, I hope next week can restore some faith.

  6. My brother (17 year old boy mind you) was really looking forward to watching it but he had hw and I had to run to TArget so we TVOd it. While I am at Target my mom texts me, "Do not watch Glee. EXTREMLY inappropriate; very frank discussion about sex and beyond inappropriate provocative dancing." I was so sad and it must have been that bad for my Mom to text me that. She immediately made me erase the episode. I am sad. I was actually looking forward to it.

  7. my thoughts exactly. I was so embarrassed I recommended it to my vocal students and such.

  8. I was SO excited for Wednesday nights because I was going to get to watch So You Think You Can Dance and GLEE!!! First show= amazing! as usual. The second. It started out great with an awesome hip hop song, oh and then it totally did a 180 and I was completely shocked with the amount of trash aloud on TV now! I too want to give it one more week but if it's the same I agree with you that i will have to pass also. Too bad! It could have been a ROCKIN show!
    haha that's all...

  9. Seriously. I had high hopes, too, but started to get nervous a couple days ago when I found out it was made by the creators of "nip tuck". Sure enough... :-/

  10. Hey girl. I agree about Glee.....and I have a favor to ask. I wanted to make Marlee a flower bow with the petals and fabric kinda like you did for your wedding. Do you think you could maybe email some simple instructions and I could probably fill in the blanks? It is Marlee's birthday next week and I was gonne make "Pinkalicious" bows for the girls...

  11. Too bad you can't send all these comments to the producers. I felt the same disappointment. I wanted so bad for it to be a fun promotion for show choir and then it went off in so many awful tangents. I didn't feel too much "Glee" watching it.