Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BL play by play - episode 3

i hate you.
i don't even like you at all.
what a moron....
why would you not want to work with bob and jillian,
"the best in the world!"
(as jill would say)

...ok "kill her!"
she's crazy.

"i want to take a cupcake,
and rub it all over my body."
-sean (the he/she)

and man do i love to watch her get humiliated.

oh wait,
tracey can't do the challenge cause
she is injured?!!

favorite moment:
everyone helping coach mo finish
cause he was the last one
[and his wacked partner was m.i.a.]

"i don't think a puma could run this much!"
ok. that's just funny.

i love the pink team.
surprise surprise.

oh, tracey,
did you open your mouth?
cause we still hate you.
and so does jillian.
who... really.... really hates you.

weigh in:

ok, sean is growing on me.
maybe it is because we share the hatred.

pink team is up.
amanda's weigh-in counts.
i have faith in you.

"when i found out i would be representing the red team,
i lost all feeling in my body."

orange team is below.
cause tracey is a B.

"sniper, somebody shoot her please!"
-my friend bryce

she lost 11 freaking pounds.
who knows how.
not. a. sound.
and ally points it out.
everyone. hates you.

sean and antoine
[red team]
take a hit for the team
and volunteer to go.
and we all cry.
true character.

"get off the couch, and start right now!"

antoine and alexandra?!
in love?!
i love this show.


  1. Community is seriously the BEST. Freckin' hilarious. Tried quoting it in facebook, but people just didn't get it. Sad. I love "donde esta la biblioteca?". May have peed myself a little from laughing. Maybe...

  2. I told Jason you'd probably have some words to say about Tracy, I remembered you kept up last season on your blog. Wow, did she really just do that? Crazy, she is crazy. I can see it in here eyes: B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

  3. My sister and I had this conversation last night, and both of us said we wanted to MURDER Tracy. What a devil. And Red team volunteering made me cry like crazy. But their after pictures were amazing! I'm so proud of them! SO. FREAKING. INSPIRING.