Friday, September 25, 2009

BL play by play- episode 2.

cause all 15 had to lose 150 in week 2.
death week,
and i'm not even sure who we hate/love yet,

i thought i would just share my thoughts as we watched...

[sorry to those who are not on board yet.
hop on.]

i don't care if she was in the hospital for a week

coach mo-
i like yo style

you one big A girl with a huge mouth....

go home already, you fatty.

liz & danny-
these two might be my favorite team so far.
i like that she reminds me of my mom and that he is just so much fun to watch

widow. if she wins i will shed tears of joy.
either way, i hope she loses 80 lbs and looks hot!

she's going to be hot.

11 poulds?!!!
see what i'm talkin about...


he's legit.
i think the 14lb-loser in week 2
will last.

cheater. parasites aren't allowed.
19 lbs! whatever.

ok,she's growing on me.
i like the 16 pounds.

ok some of my favorites so far:
abby (der)
danny (the cute salt-n-pepper haired dad)
coach mo (the motivator)
dan (der. he's still kickin in round 2)
liz. (old ladies rock)

not sure i love:
tracy. she bugs.
shay. still deciding.
sean. kind of a girl.

either way, i think this season is going to make me oh so happy.
i am loving the twists so far.

tune in so you have a clue what i'm talkin about...
and then tell me what you think...

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  1. I cry every. single. episode. And I don't mean controlled teary eyes, I mean SOBS!! Sobs I tell you! It's shameful... (Tracy does bug, Sean is kinda a girl, and I don't like what's her face that "got picked by America" as yet one more evidence of America's collective consciousness coming together and utterly failing in some weirdy contest that was supposed to help us select an arbitrary fatty stranger to appear on the show. Really? Please bless they don't try that gimmick again...)