Friday, August 7, 2009

september 6th, i'm already ready for you...

anyone else get to eat up that finale?

how fun was that!

i heart janette.
it was good to see my [real] fav...

but my girl jeanine....
i wanted her of the 4:

Brandon-- great dancer, but also just rubbed us all the wrong way....
may or may not have to do with this here girly hip thing he would do at the end of a perfectly masculine solo.

one of the stronger dudes i have seen though.

Kayla-- so much fun to watch. serious talent.
insane extensions and lines.

unfortunately, she made a diva,
"i fight till i get what i want" comment

that i think may have tipped off the voters.
i still enjoyed every dance she was in.
a favorite for sure

Evan. i kind of just wanted him to win to stick it to em.
we all know that the judges, especially the racist black one,
thought that the white guy couldn't hack it.

but he is the michael buble of the dance world

and could get on any broadway show he wanted to right now...

and he is just a cuteface.

wasn't she just fun to watch though?
and she isn't your typical dancer body, which makes me happy.

so much spunk, minus all of the diva stuff...

this bodes well for dancers in america....

and what? ... season 6 starts on sept 6th???

just 3 days shy of GLEE?

done and done.


  1. i am thrilled for jeanine. i was all about kayla until just recently & i'm so glad jeanine won it!

    brandon was so impressive dance-wise, but too carlton banks-ish for my taste. (:

    myron & i can't WAIT for glee. we watched the pilot episode thingy and it just looks so entertaining.

  2. I loved Jeanine from the very beginning! I always love the ones who are not the typical "dancer." I also cannot wait for the new season, and for Glee! I am telling everyone to watch it. This fall is going to be fabulous. I am already wishing for it.

    How is the married state?

  3. holy sam. I LOVE SYTYCD. Its a little sickening. Loved the top 4, but the right one won.

    SOOO... my Aunts best friend is the production company that films the show [along with America Idol etc]. AND they got my mom and dad tickets [and not in the high up level ON THE FLOOR] to the finale. what?!? Yes. I was dead jealous. AND on top of that they saw Jeanette at Starbucks and got a picture with her. And in case you are wondering you can see her SIX PACK in the picture. They also met Kupuno [who i love dearly], Max, Vitolio, and some others. Thought I would brag a little :)