Friday, August 21, 2009

scenes from a wedded girl

came home early the other day to a vacuum-lined home, organized closet,
made bed, and clean bathroom and kitchen...

(we have had a pile of all our clothes on the floor for 2.5 months due to little space)

another favorite wedding gift....

we've been watching john adams.
i highly recommend it.

our note pad...

how'd i get so lucky?

(all of the wedding video is on the other blog, btw.
sometimes i watch the last one.
and cry.)


  1. I agree with Manders, nice boys and all. I got one of those also and it has been a huge blessing. Cute blog. Chris got a nice girl too! Isn't that lucky?

  2. I might have showed the last segment of your video to a girl at work so that she could see just how very adorable you guys are. We both might have gotten a little bit emotional.

  3. Love this post! Marriage is the best. Also, very glad you're watching John Adams----isn't it incredible!!?!??!?