Thursday, July 9, 2009

dear friends,

though i didn't really have "bridesmaids" or anything,
these would be them.

and yes, those males would be called "bride's men"
i would have had more if they weren't all married and all over.
i have honestly had more long-term man-friends than girlfriends.

i am not one to make a huge deal about these kinds of things,
i really just had them match and take pictures.

but now that i look back i am so glad that they were a part of it because
these people mean a whole lot to me.

look how cute they are.
especially the one in the suit.

[from left] i will elaborate for you.

whenever i tell cc about these provo boys, i refer to them as the 7 boys.
that was their apt #. and pretty much all who lived in that apt, were like brothers to me.
this one moved to az, so i hooked him up with my fam and he's been coming to sunday dinner,
tutoring my sister, and helping us with all kinds of things.
ony of my college friends, turned into a forever family friend.
love that.

this one i met around the same time as cc when we were all little mcc-ers.
he's been a friend ever since.
and, like cc, we always got together when we were in town,
and because he flies free, we would meet up in utah at times too!
usually eating at random places, and getting the stories of all of the latest girls in his life.
lets say that when i told him i was dating/marrying chris.....
it was a fun time.



i met mitch in college, in my program.
this kid is one fantastic theatre teacher. and so much fun!
we spent almost every day last summer just laughing and watching movies,
also swapping stories of dating life and being from mesa.
he was a westwoodite and i a mesa-ite so we drove home for the holidays together
and slept in a gas station.
little did i know that he knew the cliffords so well.
he took kelly to prom even!!
he continues to tell me what a fabulous choice i've made.
and how jealous he is to get to be in this family.

he came up to me during the dinner the night before and said,
"you look all jittery-nervous, you ok?" and gave me a hug.
leave it to mitch to catch on.
i heart you kiddo.

ma ladies:

whenever someone asks who your childhood bestfriend is,
like in a game, or for a password or something,
this is it.
i remember the day we sat [nextdoor] in her mostly lacywhite bedroom
and promised to be at the other's wedding.
she's younger than me by at least a year,
and she's been married for a few years now, so it was comforting to have her.
she was so helpful that day and followed mc [squared] around for pictures,
then made sure i had a swig all night....
gotta love that.

mickelson. or meghan "silent h"
best roommate i ever had.
bar none.
we were insta-friends and had so much fun.
we use to talk about how much we loved cowboys, big trucks, and rascal flatts....
good think i married one!
she came all the way from utah
and when she showed up at the dinner,
my nerves went away for some reason.
love you, girl.

again, fotos compliments of


  1. I'm glad I got to be there Meg!

  2. Megan, this is Chris's favorite cousin, Erin... yes I stalk your blog... it is such a small world! I use to dance with Calli in Dance Adrenaline! She is my really good friends Jacki's cousin so thats how I met her. I met Rosemary through Calli too! What a crazy small world! After I have my baby, I want to start dancing again, you should join in on the fun if you haven't already because I hear you are an awesome dancer! :)