Friday, June 26, 2009

the way you make me feel

i'd like to think that if mj makes it to heaven

that he would be the cute little black kid whose body was overtaken by an alien.

hey michael sean and lindsee jo,

do you remember the time we used to scream over the bimonthly

mj only dance parties?

i do.

and i think, along with half the world yesterday, i had an mj only party in my car all day.
which is fabulous in the new sound system.
(ironically, i have been listening to him all week anyway... but anyway...)

i dressed as him for "hero day" in high school...

musically. he was my musical/choreographical hero.

last night, as we drove home, we heard about 7 cars also Jamming to the classics,

easing down the road... and wondered...

how many around the world yesterday were keepin the faith?

i have the music videos ready to watch, and i may even need to go rent the wiz...

can't stop till you get enough.

oh yeah- farrah fawcett and ed mcmann died too.

but no one can play their music....

just wonder who gets the money now....


  1. 44 of the top 100 songs on iTunes are MJ songs.

  2. Do I? It's one of the first things I thought of. And I also had the thought that he is black again, that makes me happy.