Friday, June 19, 2009

long-winded, and possibly too personal movie review: up

i hope this doesn't offend the cliffords for sharing,
but you should know why i fell in love so easily

g-pa clifford is staying at cc's parents' house.
he is letting us stay in his while we house hunt.

we couldn't be more grateful.

the 2nd day cc and i were dating,
we went to g-pa's 90th birthday party.
the family was so charming,
and i couldn't help but notice how much
nyle (g-pa) was so in love with marie (g-pa).
she's in a home and he visits her daily.

chris said he wanted to be just like him,
and love his wife and wait on her always...

being in their home,
along with having their same names,
has been humbling.

perhaps this is why the first 20 minutes of this ever-so-real
cartoonish replica will break you down.

then bring you back

thank you again, pixar,
for telling another untold, nemo-rivaling story.

mom (in-law) took g-pa to see this one.
he said it was like watching his life.

as sad as it is to watch, it is equally as inspiring.
not only because the story is, but because you know so many who live it.
it has some laughs, but mostly you will just keep a smile on for 2 hours
and leave feeling more happy about being alive.

i love g-parents, all 5 of you.

in my humble, yet correct opinion:
own it or rent it: i might need to


  1. Amen.

    I couldn't get enough of Tyler afterwords! That's how you know it's good.

    And any cartoon that can bring you to tears is worth owning.

  2. Hi. I subscribe to your blog on Google. And this is me de-lurking to tell you that you just made eye-jelly come out of my face... I am so moved by everything you are saying.

    Also, congrats on not having to die alone.

  3. Can't wait to see Up! I love g-pa Nyle too. He is kind and sweet and is a favorite with me too. Lucky you, for getting a man that wants to be just like Nyle. As you know, we totally approve!

  4. So I don't know if my expectations were too high or what, but I didn't love the movie. I didn't hate it by any means, just didn't LOVE it. Carl and Russell were as cute as could be, but (in my opinion--which really counts for nothing Ü) I thought it was a little slow at times and wasn't totally crazy about the whole part with the crazy old man and the talking dogs. I remember when we left my mom said "it was ok but nothing I would probably ever buy." And then my SIL (Holly) called me right after we left the theaters and had just gone to seen it at another theater and before I could say anything she said "it was kind of wierd". I thought they were going the right direction with the story, it just never "got there" for me (at least not like Nemo, Monsters Inc, Toy Story...). Anyway, that's all.

    But I do love the cute sticky notes around the house--way too cute! That's awesome that you married into such a great family!!!

  5. I do agree that it would mean a whole lot more/be more personal/more real in your situation! I think they need to make a movie about Nyle and Marie! Ü I love that he's still so in love with her!

  6. Oh! Those notes are precious. That's a lovely tribute you pay them. What a sweet couple!

  7. Okay, I just read those notes again and it is so, so sweet. Good karma and marriage blessings in that home--I'm telling you.

  8. It was sure sweet. Cutest nyle's and marie's I know are the ones that are close to me!...I'm so glad that you have cute ones to follow though :)