Sunday, May 3, 2009

wishing my proms were this awesome:

my two little sisters. looked stunning.
(sorry these don't have the holograms on them.
maybe next time...)

this was a fun shoot. we only had a half hour so we really had to hustle.
had we more time, i had a slew of fun places i woulda loved to see these dresses on!

due to the dresses,
and my feelings of slight nostalgia, they all turned very vintprinty.

oop, sorry...


20 days.... couldn't help it.

maddi date = so cute.

the perfect reaction to maddi when she walked in,
"[audible gasp] you look absolutely beautiful!" atta boy.

as much fun as it was to go to prom and to look amazing and all that,
i was either running around helping couples off the dance floor (junior)
or only at the dance for 2 seconds because my date had to be home at 12 (senior).
good times.
pretty sure these kids all had a blast!

thanks for the killer shoot ladies.
it warmed my big sister-ish heart to think of all the hearts you broke in one night alone....

{email me for pricing if you are interested in some foto by meg.
i am beefing the portfolio right now for the website to launch in a few months.}
(had to wait for the new name, ya know!)

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  1. I said it before... you should be a professional photographer girl! Those are amazing shots and you took them! Thanks for documenting the big event! Heart, Peg

  2. amazing...they turned out so good! Seriously if I lived in AZ or was visiting anytime soon I would be calling you...your pictures get better and fav is of maddi sitting with her dress a little poofed smiling at the camera and Happy 19 days until you get married!!

  3. wow, your sister is so beautiful!!! Great photos!!! oh, and congratulations to you!!!!! so exciting:)

  4. Emily K Jacob AMay 5, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    Meg, these pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for posting them! I am checking your blog almost daily for updates. This is such an exciting time, I just don't want to miss anything. How special for you to take pics for your sister & new sister. They are gorgeous!