Friday, May 22, 2009

on air

exactly as i imagined.
but better.

floral design/creation: jackie mcaferty
dress design/creation: angela muir
hair: jayme clifford

the flowers are perfect and i love them. lilies rock.
the dress is a dream and i never ever want to take it off,
angie, omg!
and auburn, way to capture it.

less than 24 hours.
can't hardly wait.
spent the last few hours at work
practicing my name.
what can you do for me?
pray for the rain to stop.
all i ask.
(maybe i watched BL yesterday...
i will update soon, but that might be post wedding.
stay tuned...)


  1. My flight is in 7 hours and I can't WAIT! I'm expecting quite a party and I am sure it'll happen.

  2. soooo cute! amazing job love your dress and the excited for you happy less than 24 hours!

  3. Gorgeous.

    We're so happy for you! I hope you enjoy every second of your wedding day. And honeymoon. And marriage.

  4. Meg-you look stunning! No one in the world could rock that dress as well as you---it's just perfect for you! Love the color, love the style, love your pictures...I just can't get over it. You look amazing! And your fiancee looks good too:) I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  5. Oh my goodness. You look amazingly perfect. Best of luck tomorrow!

  6. I LOVE THEM! You guys look amazing! The dress, the flowers, the colors... everything looks so perfect! Have a wonderful wedding day!

  7. Wow- I love your dress. It is so perfect for you! Everything just looks awesome. Love the green shoes too- what a fun touch! So excited for you guys! Have a blast tomorrow and just soak it all in. I wish I could get married over and over again. To Jake of course! It's just so much fun!

  8. Oh Meg! You are the cutest thing ever and your pics are gorgeous! I'm so happy for you and that handsome guy of yours and wish you both all the best. I probably won't see ya cause I am having a baby like anytime now! :) I hope your day is beyond perfect! Love you bunches!

  9. Where to start??? You are breathtaking! Those pictures are stunning! What a lucky man!

    LOVE your shoes - they are so darling!!!

    LOVE your dress - you look amazing in it!

    LOVE your flowers!!!

    LOVE your smile!!!

  10. I love it! Pics, shoes, flowers, dress, you! Have the best day tomorrow!

  11. these pictures make me want to get all dressed up and re-take my wedding pictures. You two are absolutely beautiful!! I am so happy for you!!! Don't forget to enjoy your big day...and take EVERYTHING in.

  12. OH MY GOSH could i ask for a more perfect bride?? You look amazing! Have so much fun today! :)

  13. blog dress and shoes ever!!!

  14. I love that you are so happy...and your shoes are adorable. You deserve every bit of it.