Sunday, May 17, 2009

ode to my MOH

for those hanging on to see what things will be happening next,
i wish i could show you the itinerary for this week.

if i swore, i might say somethin like,
damn, that is big!

but i don't.

today starts what we at the moffat house are calling,

the one that has a 4.2,
sings in choir,
(in which she won 2 awards)
rocks the musicals/shows,
(for which she won 4 awards)
watches over all the girls in her ward,
passes all kinds of tests,
looks like a bombshell at all the dances,
gets in to ASU,
(most likely with a full ride at this point),
sleeps around 2 hours a night,
doesn't, for the love, wake up to her alarm,
amazes me daily with her patience and good sense.

...and spends her saturday before graduation:

cleaning her sister's room,

doing her shopping,
oohing and ahhing at all the right times
when the most perfect dress/shoes were found.

some hot senior fotos we took a while back:

sista girl,
i'm so proud.
and i love your face.
thanks for being here for me.

this week is all yours though.

...until around fridayish when it might default back to me again.

oh. and did i have time to watch BL yet?
do i know who won yet?

if you tell me,
i will steal your firstborn.


  1. This made me lucky you are to have a sister that you are so close to. Can you please tell Madison that I say hi? She is so beautiful.

  2. AWESOME pictures! Maddie looks smokin'! Happy wedding week. I am excited to see you all, and be put to work!