Tuesday, May 5, 2009


eat it, brown. eat it.
and you are what you eat.

america, we should almost vote ron on now so that both of them can lose to the fighter women.

so far tara is your winner, but i wouldn't be upset with helen either....

i am keepin the polls open till next week, so keep em comin!

oh, and the burritos we ate for dinner caused me pain due to near burstage,

and i waited outside for the UPS man and then ran inside to try on my dress....

kill me. its so fun!!
i will keep ya'll posted when i can, for now i can't show it too much
cause he doesn't want to see it.

his choice, btw, not mine.

more to come....


  1. I agree, & totally hope that Ron makes it into the finale. Even though I actually like Mike, Ron wants him to win SO BADLY - that I hope he loses - just to tick off his manipulative father. I think I might be part evil too!

  2. dude, meg you and my husband would so get a long. He voted so many times on every email account imaginable last night for mike so ron would stay on and lose. WE don't mind Mike but if he gets $250K, you can't tell me ron isn't getting a piece. Bryan is just holding out for a heart attack. ron, go die

  3. i don't want mike in the running for the "at home" prize. keep him in the finals so maybe one of our mesa boys will have a chance at it. check out how amazing sione looked today on amber's blog.