Tuesday, April 7, 2009

play by play from tonight's episode of BL

i doubt you will make it through all of this, but nevertheless:

biggest losers: ron and mike...

"i am probably the most straight upstanding guy,
but i will probably lie to you this whole game."
ron, we hate you.
and yes, kristin, he is the most manipulative player we've ever seen....
and yes, my cousin Bryce is correct: that makes for intense television. i still hate him.

whatever they open they have to eat and if they find it (the golden ticket),
they get the one and only vote for the week!

good. hope they get rid of ron. i am sick of hearing him speak.
WHAT?! Ron keeps getting gum and money?!!! i am ready to rip his head off!!!

--i am in love with my blue boys, and tara is at 4000 calories.
she could have just eaten a small child...

--trainers whip their trash for eating so much crap.

--they are going to make these kids climb the rose bowl stadium?!!!
YES, ron is out for sure!

round two of challenge:
sione vs. tara?
always sione.

"and then i realized, i'm a deep-fried chicken wrapped in a burrito of love!"
-jake, mocking the self-absorbed tara

"he's the one who's controlling this damn game!"
-sione about ron

deciding who should go:
"we had your back, and you didn't have ours, and we hate your mom, and you stole my lunch.... and you can't be my friend anymore!"
grow up, dramafaces.

bob makes some shameless, truman show plug for popcorn...

last chance workout:
"no, jill, i'm not a quitter, i don't ever stop, don't you get that?"
no, tara, you are the best...

--sione loses 5 pounds in pure sweat...

weigh in:
damn. ron is at the top already.
tara lost 3 pounds.

...still mad about ron...

ooh... we could still get rid of mike, that might be good enough for me...

laura has to choose between between sending helen or sione home
"i wish it was ron..."
-laura's inner monologue...

filipe and sione do the haka....
pretty much the coolest thing we've seen in weeks.

i hate this show.

sione looks amazing. lost 137 pounds.

"i'll be honest, i wanna see him with his shirt off!"
-Chris, my man.

still gunnin for filipe.

in fact, for those who are really into the stories and the gossip and all that jazz...

when we listened to filipe talk about his blow up with the lesbian (jillian),
he told us about the real story of why he blew up at her.

jillian made her team drink coffee before they worked out. she demanded it. filipe, of course, said no. "i am god, while you are here," she said...

he poured it out in front of her and replied, "this is what i think of your religion!"
so of course she wouldn't work him out, and of course they edited anything that made jillian look bad...

she apparently apologized later that week saying that she was sorry she made him question his character....

oh, and i met dane last night too...
its amazing how starstruck i get to meet biggest losers. i would rather meet one of them than any movie star!


  1. i also {un}heart ron.
    how in the world is he still there?
    i know "people" who refer to him as chandelier belly.
    but i really want sione's little girl's glasses.
    so darling.
    and i am now officially worried about your man, chris.
    jillian . . . stinks.

  2. Holy Cow---the coffee thing. Good to know. Cuz sometimes I was getting sick of Filipe-but now he's back on my good side. But HUGE bummer about Sione cuz he was my favorite.
    Ron is a two-faced jerk, but I like Mike.
    I've hated Tara since day one!
    Glad you love this show like I do:)

  3. You don't know me but I came across your blog. Some other friends and I used to hang out with Chris back in the day....he congrats that you guys are engaged! Anyway, i just wanted to comment on that I enjoy the show biggest loser and going for Felipe all the way. Also knowing that you have met some of the people from the show...jealous :) They seem like there was some great people on the show.

  4. Hey Megan-
    I dont know if you remember me, but I'm Sione's sister and I love all your Biggest Loser posts!

    Thats so funny, I've never heard that coffee story! I havent really had a chance to talk to Filipe alot lately...too busy kicking butt for the finale! Sione's so busy too but I love it when I catch him at my parents and I get to hear some BL gossip tidbits like that:) Jillian is a crazy who thinks she's a physciatrist just cause her mom was one! Anyways, I could go on about her..and Ron. Thanks for your support of the blue team! We love them!

  5. Meg....thankd for all the BL inside scoops. I am so jealous you always meet thiese people! I'm so excited to see all you guys next month....anything you guys need...I am there!

  6. Sorry about the spelling...I guess that's how my emails look when I have a 15 month old "helping" at the keyboard...

  7. Oh my gosh I HATE Ron! He is so smug, and annoying. I saw the apology Jillian gave online somewhere. I had no idea it was about coffee, she's bugs too. I want Filipe or Kristin to win!

  8. Dane is the stinkin' man. He came over and told us to watch before the season aired. He and Carly are so cute and he looks great. I wish Blaine hadn't made everyone so mad towards the beginning, I think it would've helped Dane out so much. Even how Dane got booted was ridiculous and sealst he entire hate for Ron.