Saturday, March 7, 2009

week in review:

g-ma had a birthday...
she's like 62!

then we played with these cuties all week because they were temporarily orphaned...

(k. this one wasn't, but we played anyway...)
no, baby mac, you are not a thug.

family dinner...

i told her you could hear the ocean in it...
not true.

future ref: bubbles = tears

what the? yeah, that's just arizona for ya...

cc took me to a brazilian place in honor of getting the job.
it was absolutely fantastic!
could give tucanos a run for its money!

(the green means "keep bringing me more grilled meat and pineapple because my skin has a few more inches of stretching capacity")

the dessert that they bring out on wheels and serve right there...

cc: holy cow, this stuff is from heaven.
mm: no dear. that would be hell. it is a satan creation:

the classic: "someone-else-took-this-so-that's-why-we-both-look-stoned" picture.
or, maybe we just ate WAY too much...

what i found with my lunch yesterday:
and yes, you may read into it.
i always do.

my indian friend, usha, that i train with said,
"jew should dake a bicture of dat and sen it to chris."


  1. so i was trying to read back on your blog and find out where you are now working. and where is that brazilian place? how fun! i would love to go there sometime. i loved tucanos in orem. are the prices about the same too? sounds like you're doing fabulous especially with mr...chris. i love reading about what you've been up to. you're blog is so fun!


  2. 1- I believe in fortune cookies, 2- I want to learn to cut a pineapple like that, 3- love all those girls and now miss them, and 4- McKenna's hair is making me laugh -it's so funny how pointed it is in the front.

  3. Ok, I have to laugh about the fortune cookies. That is totally how we knew we were pregnant with Marlee. Both of our fortunes said stuff about family and babies. Crazy. Those cookies know what they are talking about!!!