Saturday, March 14, 2009 & the gang...

pardon the quick side note:

dear jessica [used-to-be-married-to-that-one-dude-but-now-you're-not] simpson,

you look trashy, sound trashy, and i don't believe you are as close to dolly parton as you think you think you are.

in fact, your trite, obnoxious longing to be loved by your unadoring fans you should probably just take back to malibu where your 92' not-all-too-unbearable pop music lives.

the only thing we could say was "hey, she still has an amazing set of legs!"

rascal flatts, on the other hand....
not only blew us away,

and humbly showed their love of music,

but they also sound fantastic live,

and the light show is almost just as fun,
making for sweet fotos...

exhibit a:
he said hi to this girl, and then discovered she wrote a song...
she's friggen 10.
he got her up there and made her sing it!
the crowd had to chant "tay—lor, tay—lor" to get her in,
but eventually she wailed that little tone-deaf voice...
after the guitarist/drums came in to back her up,
they finished a chorus, but she kept going!

thanks, topher, for the best v-day present ever...

i am so glad you get into music the way i do.

it's going to make life a lot easier on us both...


  1. Yea! So glad you had a good time! I love that last pic!

  2. I dont really care about the concert... although I am sure it was wonderful... but can I just tell you that I am so happy to see more and more pictures of you and your lover! SO cute! SO excited for you! Yay! Miss your face!

  3. Ok so you know whats so funny Meg is that I was at this concert and was on the lawn and got bumped to first row and I'm in one of your pics!! Haha! The 2nd one of the little girl that sang her song. Good stuff!