Thursday, February 26, 2009

so whats & chicken putts

started the new job last week.

i have been observing all this week.

yesterday, we took a 45 minute break to watch a bunch of dudes chuck rubber chickens down the isle and they get points for getting them into carefully placed trash receptacles or a plant at the end. they yell "trees-ies" if someone gets the said 20 pointer.

i was in awe.

later in the day, we watched as the janitor chick walked around to tend to the plants and trash and noticed the orphaned battered plant.
she exclaimed, "something happened here huh..." no one responded....
she continued to communicate silently with her plant and eventually walked away.
(plant whisperers have a 6th sense. they just know.)

the cubicles nearby just laughed.
the guy next to me said, "it said on her little cart, 'save the plants.'
i just couldn't bring myself to tell her that we were chuckin rubber chickens at her plant!"

then this morning,
i get to my new trainer's desk where he had a putting green lined up from the night before
(apparently a morning ritual).
the men lined up,
"welp, lets see what kind of day its going to be..."
i made one in heels. (thanks, dad.) he didn't get a one.
apparently that's a good day.

this, friends, is why we go to college.

to get salary jobs that they make sitcoms out of.

but seriously, its going to be great.
in fact, it is already proving to make for some blog-worthy material.

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