Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ok ok ok! this might be too personal for some... but in honor of L-O-V-E month...

(now you can choose not to read it,
rather than sit and suffer through the story in person.)

but it's going to have to come in pieces,
cause all in one = projectile vomit.

here is the brief synopsis of how this happened:

CC and i have been friends for a good 5 or so years.
back before i went to byu and he went to asu we were at mcc,
and he and my brother ran the single scene...

i always thought he was cute, and always liked him,
but i was always dating someone, so was he,
and then i didn't live here,
so the thought didn't really have time to "linger longer"...

every time i come home, we have a mini ritual:

i call {him} slash his roommate and make them bring their guitars to come sing to me.
they show up, make me tell them all about the last relationship drama that i was in,
and they share as well...
typical of most of my close plutonic manfriend relationships...
then they proceed through the repertoire that has been steadily growing for about 5 years or so...

side note:
chris has always remembered my "first favorites"
and just saying those words,
he will start in with the ones that i
(long ago) deemed my favorite.

a month after i got home,
(still not sure i was staying here)
his roommate couldn't come.
sad for him...

when he walked in, [he later recounted]
his first thought was: "it's going to be different this time"....
and his second thought was, "where have i been?!"

love that.

so we hung out a few days, and then he asked me out.
truth be told, he is usually a very slow guy....
i happen to know cause i knew about all of his relationships
and how they went—he told me.

the "first date"
(that we later realized was more like the 5th or so across a 5-year spread)
felt like any other at the beginning...
but by the end, it was like a few months in!

so that's that.
i get emotional when i think of how great his family is.
i find i have little to no appetite most of the time....(love the love diet!)
and i can't remember a time i have ever felt happier...
its proof that God loves me.

...that's all.

proceed to vomit...


  1. I thought millions of people would've commented by now.
    In honor of love month.. you're very much in love and twittered! I love every bit of that story.
    You can't just say that and leave it like that... more details? Missy?
    Have fun and the blogging world will expect a nice report from time to time.

    hmm.. I hope you remember me. I used to be Jenny Chang on condo row. ;-)

  2. I love love, I love you being in love, I don't care what it does to you! (put music notes around that last phrase...and I hope you know what song that is) Okay, you guys are seriously the cutest. And I am pining for more mushiness.

  3. aw.

    *mel...I know that song, and it's perf for this post.

    you guys are SO cute, megs. looking forward to more posts about him/you/love.

  4. No vomitting...this story is way to cute! Hurrah for love stories in the love month!

  5. Congrats Meg! We are so happy for you!

  6. yay Megan, I am so excited for you. You two are super cute...yay for being in love!!

  7. If your appetite is gone go ahead and pass that chocolate and nut covered banana over to me:) It was so fun talking to you last night. I'm excited to hear how happy you are. See you and Chris soon!

  8. Seems nice...so when do we all get to meet him?

  9. I guarantee no one is hurling over this unfolding love story. We are all giddy and thrilled. Have fun every second and make wonderful memories. YOU deserve it as much as anyone. Thanks for sharing Miss Twitterpated! love ya, Mer