Saturday, January 24, 2009

new musical obsessions for your weekend perusal

i love that i have some very musically trained friends
who can keep me up on my eclectic musical gems.

(all of these i have stumbled upon within the last year)

let me know which ones you like:

hazy — rosi galan (feat. william fitzsimmons)

falling Slowly — glen hansard & marketa irglova
(from the movie "Once" & won the academy award last year)

herbie hancock (jazz piano master) feat. christina aguilera.
aside from her fancy mic-work... this chick is on point.
and looks stunning, i might add...

check out herbie's others...
the john mayer one is serious fun.

speaking of, so is this:

and since we are on an upbeat kick:
some of you might like one
i happened upon last year: eric hutchinson.
love this guy too.

this little music/clip montage of this Best Picture nominee (among 10 oscar nominations):

enjoy! and have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. I've always been a huge fan of Christina's voice. I'll have to check out Herbie's cd. I thought it was really cool that Damien Rice is also on it.

  2. Your blogposts always make me smile. Great videos, especially the Slumdog Millionaire one. I now need to go see that. Maybe tonight. Best of luck in the job hunt!

  3. all I can say is... "Christina, I would be your fan and you would be very popular IF you did more songs like this instead of being skanky and singing really ugly" She rocked on this song- prob cause I just love the song.:)