Thursday, January 8, 2009

needing some inspirational television for your new year-ish goals?

watched the first two hours. 
(tuesday nights: NBC) 

set the tivo. don't argue with me...

loving the four AZ guys defiitely worth cheering on: Dane, Sione, Filipe,  and Blaine.  is it fair to ask why they keep finding their best fat people in mesa?  6 in the last 3 shows?  really?

we should host our own, here!  
maybe we will do it!  weekly weigh-ins?  put in 50 bucks and the winner takes all?  love it.  not joking though. actually quite serious.  
let me know if you would do it... apparently mesans need it
and it would be a lot of fun!  we could even do it all online... keep a blog of the weekly percentages...

member my obsession with Alli? still have it. this season is going to be great though.  after the first week of hard-core training and the two-limbs in weight each they dropped, they sent nearly half of them home!  i loved it.  brilliant way to get us all involved real quick and to weed out the ones who really really need a militant lesbian to whip their butts into shape with demeaning fat-talk.

.. and it gives those who stay a huge motivation to stay because in 30 days if they are still there... they get to bring their partner back.  

i am keepin my eye on the old guy though. ---> Jerry.  he almost won the weight loss this week and he and his wife are sicka cute... he's going to be fun to watch.

in other TV news: 
i have been waiting patiently to see if the new season of scrubs was going to do me proud.  who knew it only took a short 15 minutes to get me back in and in tears... i love it.  back to the old days with a fun story and meaningful characters... zac braff and courtney cox for kicks... 

its going to be good...

oh, and maybe i am catching up on this show too... just so i can be part of the family in a few weeks when we get to season 5...(jan 21) it isn't at all because i actually like the show... no. not at all. some of us are in denial and faithfully pursue all of JJ Abrams's endeavors... period. currently still lost in season 4. and loving it.  for all intensive purposes: good time to be unemployed.

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