Wednesday, January 28, 2009

mongolian BBQ

yesterday, my cute lunch date took me to this serious yummy mongolian place.
i am a sucker for all things ethnic and new. YC's BBQ, you satiated both needs.

you buy lunch by the bowl, shove it full of uncooked/frozenish meat, veggies, and noodles. the best part though: the array of
sauces. they have maybe 20 or so that you can mix and match according to recipes visibly hanging on the wall. they make curries, or thai-ish, or more chinese-ish or spicy-ish type things. i was salivating at the thought alone...

then the dude (of some ethnic background) takes my bowl of packed uncookedness and throws it right on this wheel that cooks it. like a mongolian tepanyaki (the jap's way). he moves it around with huge pool ques and then just drops it back into a clean bowl.

naughty. that's all i have to say about that.

and though i didn't pay, i would say it was also reasonably priced, and incredibly tasty. and, as my date noted, quite repeatable. we could go 100 times before repeating the same meal, unless of course you died eating what you got the first time... then repeat away.

i might be needing to try that again sometime in the near future.
the date, and the food, that is...

(pictures not my own.)
the point is, if you haven't already,
find one of these hoohah places and try it immediately.

i'm sure you've got one too,
and i am sure it is awesome.


  1. If you like YC's, you'll really like Genghis Grill. I think there's one at Tempe Marketplace.

  2. How reassuring that there are others out there who appreciate mongolian bbq.