Monday, December 8, 2008

my new love affair: paul newman

the other day we watched cat on a hot tin roof

i am slightly angry that no one told me of this man's existence.
(ok, that's not fair, you did tell me. in fact, he's been all over.
i guess i never knew of this man's existence when he looked LIKE THIS!!)

and i am not at all afraid to say i am starting to have a crush on a very old, now deceased, man.

great play, even greater movie.
elizabeth taylor and this here paul newman are brilliance personified.

the little featurette on the dvd told us all about how this film was the one to jump-start both of their careers... its easy to see why!

lets just say, i am glad i did not live in his time...

i would have thoughts that would make me blush to talk to the bishop....

...just kidding bish... i promise i am good at all times, in all things...


  1. If you desire more Paul Newmany goodness I highly recommend The Sting. One of my very very favorites!

  2. I also recommend the Sting along with Stevie Baby! It's classic Paul and Of course you want to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Do you remember when we watched that on one of our drives to Cali and you all asked me wh,y as parents, we wanted you to see it. Paul. That's why. Nuff said. Oh and Robert Redford too. I had a little crush on him for a while. But his politics got in my way.

  3. Oooh, the Sting is good. So is that Sundance kid one. It ends kind of funny. So, I am adding this flick on my rental list. GO! RENT!

  4. I'll go ahead and recommend The Verdict with Mr. Newman in it. It's rated R so that probably makes it strike out, but if you want to see a scene from it I think I've linked to it on my facebook profile. It's awesome.