Sunday, December 28, 2008

i will buy you a big house, where your garden can bloom

searching for housing has been a joke...

i really shouldn't even be looking until i have a job, i know parentals...
(who are so trying to get me to stay)

all i have to say is that some of these girls could be psychos...
so maybe i should wait until i can meet them in person!

on one of the posts:
"three other roommates who hold regular book club meetings.
we like authors like jane austin...etc."

...whoah... done.
not that I am against reading, or jane austin for that matter,
but when it must be advertised that you meet and discuss her in depth,
that most certainly means that you are also deciding why all men are gay and you hate them...
(thanks, but no for me...)

another great one:
"three other roommates are endowed,
so we will be looking for another roommate who is also endowed."

really? really?
do you make us flash our undies at the door...?
the recommend?
i can't even imagine the other judging that goes on in that house!

I am looking for one that looks kind of
like this:

• close to the city and metro
• 2-3 bedroom townhouse
• furnished & wood floors
• in-house washer/dryer
• back porch with grill
• fairly large kitchen
• master bedroom includes a man and a ring

... i don't think that's asking for too much do you?


  1. You are hilarious. Good luck on finding that. I guess it is possible...

  2. Looks like the fam damily Moffat had an AMAZING Christmas. And the kilts?..all I can say is I'm in love. :]
    ps- glad i could supply the scrumdiddlyumptious salsa vs something sugary!

  3. I just moved into a 2-bedroom apartment cause the 1-bedroom apartment isn't available yet. No roommates. I know. It's ridiculous.

  4. i'm endowed. that listing didn't say anything about being against co-habitating, did it?