Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i love people who love their jobs

metro driver/voice dude
going on the blue toward franconia springfield he says, "fran-cónia sprangfeeyuld...." in this almost southern drawl... if it is real, that's awesome. but i like to believe that it is a very happy black man that loves doing what he does and so he makes it fun sometimes...

starbucks guy -
this guy is like an auctioneer. he loves that he knows all the names of all the millions of mixes... "tall, grande daily drip with three shots of whatever...mochachino frappe with hazelnut..." as every person grabs their morning shot of death he adds "have a great day" with a grin...
that's the kicker...

concierge -
charles. he is usually the one at the desk when i get in. he will do anything you need and smile and love doin it. no really, i wonder if he goes to bed at night all worried that there was someone he could've done more for... he's that good.

the door openers/valet dudes -
these guys are also always happy... they open my door for me every single day. yes, they may do that for everybody that comes through, but they make you feel like it is a privilege to be the one to get the door for you. i smile back every time. hard not to.

register dude at little organic market/cafe -

way peppy and encouraged us to buy something because they are "just delectable"... and with a huge grin on says, "they are perfect for the fall season!" love. that.

waiters/waitresses -
you know you love the ones that are so comfortable and happy... not just so you will tip them well but the ones that really and truly love doing what they are doing... i had a guy the other day at zaytinya—this beautiful place that serves tapas (appetizer-sized entrees) only so you have to get about 3 a person (dang). i love the ones that are clever enough i can tell them to just pick for me... and they will know... he so did.

musicians -

i have been to a few concerts this year, slash, i have seen a few semi-famous-ers come to ellington and throw down. i love the ones that are loving what they do. i loved jason mraz and john mayer live for that reason-- they truly love that their job is to throw down...
it really makes me smile. slash want their job...

the fudge man -
this guy was at costco selling his own homemade fudge. i wasn't sure which kind to try and he looked at me a second and then said, "i know exactly what you need a little excitement in your personal life... its in your eyes... the eyes are the window to your heart... here, let that live in between your lips... chocolate cheesecake... i've only been doing this for about 2 minutes... times 25 years or so..." i have to admit... it was a sensuous experience. good thing he loves his job... he read right through me and made my week!


  1. I love that Metro guy. I SWEAR I've heard him before. I've also had a Metro driver who has teased the riders. "Hey you. Yeah you, in the red shirt. Move away from the door."

  2. So do you think that cashier lady in the little market downstairs loves her job when she listened to your story or didn't speak English? :)