Friday, November 7, 2008

what was the up-shot of the elections here in DC...?

i am glad that we have made it to the "black-man-in-the-white-house" phase... i am glad that everyone here can feel "liberated" from all of the heartache that they have endured in their 20-30 years... that they can now, and never before, "feel like they can honestly do anything."

i am also glad that they are telling each other things like, "now we can know what it's like to sit at the front of the bus." or things like, "they should have picked their own damn cotton..."

i really am happy for that...

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

even though i have been in the middle of a few awkward "hey- we are all getting back at your white ancestors" conversations that make me feel like crawling into a ball, i do think that the excitement for this country is good. the 250, 000 copies of the washington post that were distributed on the 5th were gone by 10am... people waited for hours later that day to get a copy of a special edition, and many didn't get one still(including, yours truly)...people piled up in the streets on that tuesday night to sing and laugh and enjoy being an american.

yes, he wasn't my choice either, yes, i am not sure where this country is headed, but i think that comes with the times and not the leader at this point.

done and done. now lets all just move on!

lations, obama. it really is a big feat. now put those vague words to action...


  1. Hey Meg!!! Good to find you on the blogging world! How are things? I liked this post--I totaly agree. He wasn't my pick either but I must say I'm sooo proud of America! Hope things are going well!

  2. This is actually Deanna, Dawn's sister and I had no idea you were living in the DC area. We need to get together. I am in Alexandria. If you aren't too busy and need somewhere to hang out, you are welcome to come by. e-mail me

  3. The movie clip is hilarious! I'll make sure Richie sees it. He'll love it too.

  4. And here we all thought that you were an Obama supporter. I can't remember who told me that, but someone said you were ALL ABOUT OBAMA !!! If so, fine, but it surprised me...Hope all is well with you so far away !!! See you at Christmas !!! you'll be in town right?

  5. yes, exactly my thoughts, every part