Monday, November 24, 2008

gmail themes... i like em.

my new gmail theme knows.

it looked like this e

now it looks like this:

so. i am basically done teaching for the week...
just working on my little directing project tomorrow and Wed
and then off for the weekend like the rest of y'all!

also, frantically trying to finish my last class
(independent study)
by tomorrow too...
yay for procrastinating just like every other IS-er that I talked to every day...
good times.

can't wait for my cute former roommates to come see me
so we can eat naughty things and take more pictures!!

oh. and for the record, i just applied for 5 jobs and i'm not done.
you might want to employ your power to pray as well.

• happy monday to you! •


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I just changed mine and it makes me smile.

  2. At least it fits in your schedule, just like the billboard says!