Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i have some violent giddy fingers...
john mayer and i are getting married!!!
the concert was incredible. pictures soon... Jake? Jake?
oh- and yes i stayed up till 2:30ish to watch Alias...
then went to work at 7ish am...
and then i is off to az/san diego to sit on the beach/play with my cute people/disneyland/sea world/play with my cute people... did i already say that?
yeah- excited...
and in exactly 30 days i will be in the land of DC ready to play with other cute people...
can't quantify my happiness today...
but the giddy fingers are violent


  1. yeah. i was there too. and i may have wet myself.

  2. yeah. i was there too. and i may have wet myself.

  3. He was there two and he may have wet himself. So freakin stinkin excited to get to play with you in less than 4 hours!

  4. Mac took me to a JM concert back one day, and I think that's when I fell in love with him (John Mayer :) Jealous that you will be on the beach. Fun!

  5. Oh Meg! You and your blog make me laugh! So glad that you get to fill your life with such joyous things while I'm trudging (is that a word?) my way through STATS! Ok...maybe I'm just a little jealous! But I will also soon be in DC and we are going to have a BLAST! Love your face!

  6. I love how excited you get about blogging. And our blogs are soulmates. I heart jason mraz.