Wednesday, May 21, 2008

you know you watched it- you know you loved it...

i plan on making a confession right now.

but first: the inspiration for the confession:

{the Davids}

i have to admit, from day one i was all over david a.
like a bag o chips.
tonight i was wondering if it was even normal
that i wanted to love him all over
probably not- since he's 17...

but that david c- he pulled it off,
and i have to say i think he will be fun.
both of them will produce well and make great records. it will just be fun to see what a producer will do with david a- he could really go 30 ways. i kind of hope a david foster-type will find him and run.
but david c- you got yous some style and a following already and tha's ah-ight by me.

syesha- love you too, and carrie underwood- what the crapnet was you wearing?
and i sure wish they had recorded that one republic and david a's rendish of "apologize".
{sing it} melting!

lets go here- who doesn't want to be on american idol?

which brings me to my confession:
I DO!!!

every time there is a new artist week i spend most of the week thinking of what i would sing and practicing in the shower as if i were there...
and then at the end of the season i usually cry
because i watch some dude get his dream zapped into reality and i can only imagine what that would be like.

so, i would like to make an addendum to my new years goals this year
(but more realistically it would happen a year from now...)

i am so trying out.

lets be honest- i really just want to rock out a few times on that stage and then get kicked off so i can go perform in some show for a while... honestly- would that we a dream or what?

oh- one more confession:
just purchased "one rock and roll too many" (Syesha) on itunes...
5 times and counting... yum. no—6 now....

oh and speaking of goals: 3 weeks and 1 day off of DDP
i awesome.

also- check the other blog for
why you should be heading to the movies ASAP


  1. Hey, go for it girl! I think you could be great. Plus Archie and Cook finished just exactly where they needed to b. It's all good and It'll be fun to watch what happens next! Yo Gawg!

  2. it's okay. i'm sure what your mother meant to say was "Yo, Dawg!" i've heard that people really do try out for American Idol. why the heck shouldn't YOU? go ahead. i double gawg dare you.

  3. Megan, Hi. This Emily Jennings, now Davis from Porter Elementary :) I just signed up for Google reader which keeps you updated on all of your blogs. It also recommends blogs you might like to read. So today I decide to click on a recommended blog and what do you know, it's Megan Moffat's!! SO crazy! I was excited to find you. How are you? How is life?
    I loved reading your American Idol post. I absolutely LOVED syesha's One Rock and Roll Too Many, I seriously had it in my head for two weeks afterward. So good. . .

  4. I am totally a reader of your blog. Why?... because I admire all Moffats and also because you're a stinkin' great writer.