Friday, April 11, 2008

my own spring break...

foto by
josh dalton

foto by
some other random asian

i needed a minute to
and because of people who
love me (namely this one)
i got one.

DC. was just what i needed: sleeping in, conference (which was great...), good movies, great food, good company... and not a whole lot of even remembering that i am in school... which is what a
real spring break should be able to provide—true forgetfulness.

i got to play with josh's camera too, and came up with some fun things... i didn't know which to showcase on the blog for the 2 who care, so here is the link to see most of the
pictures if you are interested to see em or comment...

i have to say- some of them look quite
awesome. that is partially because that kid is so dang photogenic and partly because he has the nikon D80... the "man" camera... i think i am going to go with the nikon D40 (basically a "his and hers" set when together). that way when i get there we can go "shoot" together and swap lenses... in the clean way...

the people in the land of DC are fun and inviting and i had a great time meeting new people and letting josh show me around and quite frankly—spoil me. we watched a few movies: "stardust" and "freedom writers"— both good ones, although I will admit that freedom writers gave me a gut feeling that resembles complete terrified paranoia about teaching in a similar environment...
it's fine, really it's fine.... just fine.

no, but really—teaching in the city will be fine- i can do it.

bring it

we also cooked, made an
awesome bread pudding and homemade pizza one night, and then for the big game night, he whipped up some burgers and brats- so el yummo...

as for now, i have to write:

—Play reviews for two classes
—Classroom Mgt. Case study
—Disclosure doc- English
—Grammar examples and lessons (about 30)

—Rewrite the 8 pg crap paper for Monday

—Classroom Management handbook

—Grammar in context paper

...all by the last day of class which is tuesday!! and then i have a few finals left and then I get to
graduate!!! (well...technically, cause then I have 4 classes I am taking this spring)

pray for me— this has the potential to murder me in the end. it might be better if i had time to sleep at all in the past 5 days or in the next three... but it doesn't look like that is going to happen...

and as a necessary side note: I sure love running into my old girl friends after they return form their missions. Namely Ali Bray and Lena Noble... it makes my day every time to see RMs ... especially if it is completely difficult to grasp the fact that they were not around for the past few years of my life because we can just fall back into being great friends... both meetings made me smile all day long!
AND, Lena will be here to play with all summer
(sing) love it!


  1. I'm so glad you got a chance to breath for a few minute. Keep breathing though, just a few more days. The pitchahs are amazing. Huge green chair? It's fate baby it's fate!

  2. Yea! So fun to see your pictures and read about your great time! I'm so glad you had so much fun. Makes me remember when Jake and me were dating. That is such a special time. You will have the best time teaching there. It was fun to see all the pics of that place I loved so much. Tell that kid hello for us already!

  3. Yeah for pictures of you and your hot boyfriend/friend/whatever he is!

  4. Good luck with getting it all finished. I'm sure you'll be amazing cuz you always are!!
    The pictures are awesome, by the way:)

  5. Loretta and RichieApril 15, 2008 at 11:33 AM

    Thanks for the pics of NY. I just love the blossoming trees behind you guys in picture #2. My favorite part of the big green chair pic (besides you of course) is the flip flop on the ground. Classic. See you soon!