Friday, March 21, 2008

token white college chick look = poster child...

this is more for documentation for posterity than anything...

yes.. the answer is yes. if anyone asks, yes.
paid = NO!

maybe you could go to that page too... and click on "pausing class" just for fun...

or just go north on I-15.

i really do love IS though... haven't taken that class, but i am taking 2 right now... and love them.

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  1. It kind of scares me that you're so famous. I don't think I can handle knowing a celebrity. If I faint the next time I see you, please be patient with me.

  2. may i have your autograph, or something?

  3. What the freak? I know that girl!!!!!!

  4. What? You are on a billboard? Oh My Heck Meg, did you get paid? Wait, no to that.... O.K. I'm just being silly. I need to get up there and see the proof myself. Yea! Can't wait to see you and the billboard this week! You rock.

  5. I saw your head while driving to Salt Lake today!

  6. Loretta and RichieMarch 22, 2008 at 8:22 PM

    now your kids will believe you when you tell them you were a media icon in your day. -Rich

  7. Ya! I have bragging rights. I'm going to go around and brag now that I'm related to a celebrity. You look fabulous on that billboard. So so so so so so AWESOME! I hope it stays up so we can see it sometime. Luv, Cam

  8. How funny... I was driving past that sign today and was thinking to myself, "SElf, that looks like Megan. You should check." I am totally checking and I didn't even have to ask cause you have a nice little blog about it. How thoughtful... You look great!

  9. We saw this billboard last weekend, and just about crashed our car!!! You look fantastic! Way to be! :)