Monday, February 18, 2008

your mini grammar lesson for the day....

this morning i awoke an had the glorious realization that i could do nothing today if i wanted to. why? well- cause it is "president's day". now i want you to notice something about this title:

president's day

hmm... so we only care about the one president then...? are we all supposed to send Bush flowers or something on this government subsidized day off for the country? shouldn't it be:

presidents' day
—for ALL presidents ever?

And if it was really for G-Wash... then just say: "today is washington's b-day..."
(i guess wikipedia says it is both...maybe my calender should be on board...)
whatever. i still appreciate the day to sit and think how great my life is.

speaking of presidents, i get to be all up in that biz this fall, as it is official: i will be teaching in DC!! at this school:

Duke Ellington—performing arts high school

bring it on east coast- i am ready for your rad schools and political season...

oh and for those who don't know: in 2004 i "walked" with my brother here:

Mac (27)
we were right next to each other in line and even decorated our hats with "m's" on them. awesome.

and this april i get to do it again, with this brother here:

Jake (25)

again—cause we are in the same college, we get to walk together too...

sure love that.
april 2008—double grad party anyone?

admittedly, i will miss the time spent with my brothers in college—the lunch dates
and shared projects and friends and classes has made up for all of those years they would lock me out of their rooms to do "boy stuff". good to know that they found a use for me along the way, huh?


  1. officially jealous. i wanna live on the east coast and finally be teaching. sigh. congrats!

  2. I'm in... on the party thing!

  3. Congrats Meg! Ya, excuses to visit DC. I've never been there. So excited for you! Love, Cam

  4. Congrats girl! OMgosh, that is so grown-up/important/awesome & impressive! What a perf job for you! Good luck friend!

  5. you is such a gramer snob, you and alls your book lernin'.

    congrats on walking in april... i have a feeling you'll pretty much rock at teaching

  6. Couldn't be happier for you to get to do exactly what you wanted to do, you know, teach on the east coast and experience the D.C. Lifestyle! Yay! Let's get that done, the graduation and the party. I'm sure there will be a trip in order now and all kinds of excitement. All smiles here!

  7. Congrats! That's awesome that you'll be in DC and looks like a great school. What will you be teaching?

  8. That is SOOO cool! All of it. What an exciting time! Can we come visit? Never been there!

  9. Hello-of course you have a crush on Zac. Who doesn't? And how much more would you love Star Wars if Luke would sing something like "Getcha Head in the Game"?!

  10. Megan
    That school looks so cool--we are so excited for you! what an adventure! How great is it that you already have friends out there too! This April will definitely, totally rock!

  11. I'm so excited for you two to get walkin! That is pretty rad...I'm pretty sure that I won't have any bro. or sis. for that matter to walk with me...but maybe if I get to come and party then I will steal one of your hats and we will pretend?! Love you!