Sunday, February 24, 2008

"And the Oscar goes to..."

Diablo Cody(best original screenplay-duh), you took one home for the team. Young newbies that deserve an award for their greatness. No political pull, no favors. Talent and a well-deserved shout out. Juno would not have existed on the board without your words of brilliance embedded under every scene of well-developed character and scenario. Mmm. She was a bit awkward in her outfit choice and how she left the stage, but she sure gave an honest word to her people including Ellen Page

Daniel Day-Lewis(Best Actor), you make me want to watch movies. Too bad that you are way intense about your job—but it looks like it pays off to live in a cabin for a while... if that's what helps you get the job done. Add "There Will Be Blood" to the movies that I will be needing to see shortly. Although, it looks like I will needing to be seeing "Michael Clayton" as well... looks like a George Clooney keeper.

Oh- and "No Country For Old Men" I should probably see that one too. If the academy says it is #1, I am going to go ahead and put it on my to-do list. Thanks. Juno was up for best picture too, but lets be honest—there was a wide variety of films to be comparing for #1... the ones that are more intense and cost a lot more to make are usually the ones to get the pick. Juno did win at this year's Independent Spirit Awards.

Other awesome moments: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's "Falling Slowly" won for the best song... I have it on my playlist right here and happen to love that one. But I also loved the "black people who can wail" song from August Rush("Raise it Up"- also on my playlist, thank you very much). The Music started before Marketa got to speak and she walked off looking a little dejected. When they came back from commercial, host Jon Stewart let her come back on and give her thanks, which was the best acceptance speech of the night. So humble ans inspiring to all artists to go for it. Both of these artists were so humble that Jon even joked about it by following them with a "man, isn't that guy cocky!"

Watching all the performances of Enchanted kinda made me smile too... what is it about a good musical that just gives me the giddy shakes?

Other wins that made me happy:

Bourne Ultimatum — Sound and Editing (duh and duh. Awesome and well deserved... the sound in this flick is seamless and face-melting... gotta give em something for that!)

Sweeney Todd — Art Direction. Also duh. It was brilliant to look at, if you like looking at blood. But no really- the color and lighting and set... all quite incredible.

Ratatouille — Best Animated Feature. Again, a favorite that I will show my children for years. Every time I see it I realize that I love it more. The music was up for original score as well, and I loved the music for it too. Not one of Pixar's best maybe, but a memorable one for me.

Maybe I am too obsessed with movies, but I feel that they help me to look at life in a different way. I am moved to see things that are beautiful and I see the full product as I am experiencing it. I realize that while a lot of this is capitalism at work, I love to try and see all of the intricate parts that make up a film and make it so beautiful to me. It is a nerdy passion of mine, it's true. Maybe it is watching the background process of some film work and understanding the time that it takes to edit and to write music and to costume and to make-up...etc. has made me appreciate the films that I watch to an incredible degree. Congrats to all... maybe some day I can go too!


  1. It was a truly great awards show! I loved every minute of it...and was really depressed that we had to turn it off for ward prayer at my apartment (stupid ward prayer). I wanted to ask if we could just keep it on mute during the prayer, but thought that might be somewhat innappropriate.

  2. the ONLY movie i even saw during the year 2007 is Ratatouille {with the grandkids}. go me.

  3. oops. i don't know about meems, but gecko on saturday looks pretty dim for me. i gotta a baby shower in waaaay north scottsdale and a temple session. i hate my life!

  4. i missed it, but i knew your girl would win somethin

  5. i hate myself that i missed the oscars last night. whaaahhh! i fell asleep early though, so that was happy. thanks for the re-cap, yo.

  6. I thought the political stuff was uncalled for, but as you said,"Cheap advertising" but Juno deserved the Oscar for screenplay. A very human affirming piece to may way of thinking. Can't say for the others as I have seen very few of them. All 'yalls can keep up and be the critics for me if'n you want to. Thanks Heart, Mom

  7. GAH! Jacob is your brother! sweet! I was in the short film we made for the 24 hour lds film festival with him like 3 years ago!
    now to comment on your blog. i didn't get to see the Academy Awards, dangit. thanks for catching me up. I want to see so many movies! So "Once" is good? how about 3:10 to Yuma?

  8. What is it about you Moffats that makes me laugh...every time! I pretty much wanna pee my pants when I am around any of you...parents included. (Maybe it having 2 kids...bad bladder) but I think you're all hilarious. I love it. Keep and eye on Corb...and my car for that matter!