Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Taking it Slow

Yesterday I got up early and taught my first class ever... I am now motivated to complete college-- it was that fun!

On the other hand, getting up that early didn't quite fit into my body's schedule-- it was tired.

Got home, watched me some President Monson on the tele, took a nap, unfortunately missed a class I probably should have gone to, and then woke up to a roommate all packed up and heading for the mountains.

Yes, I will go.... break my arm.

We got in the car:

Saw pretty things on the way:

Relaxed with the necessary things one would need in the wild:

And enjoyed watching the water flow under the bridge in front of us:

I am grateful for roommates.
I am grateful for mountains.
I am grateful for a moment in my day to enjoy them both.


  1. let's see . . . roommates, mountains, snuggly blankets, diet coke, and trail mix . . . yep! that about covers it. congratulations on the little break you took. you need/deserve it. i heard your show was awesome - especially with all your diverse/foreign accents. au revoir.

  2. Hey, what a coincidence! I am grateful for all of those things too!

  3. made me teary-so happy you got yourself a little breather-Maddi (Yea...why don't I just sign in and do it on my own...cause I don't have time either. But I do have time to get distracted and do it on Mom's? whatever.) Much love