Monday, October 8, 2007

He gave me a swing...

It wasn't long ago that I was sitting at "Big Kid" school, wishing for sand and a swing, you might recall it.

This weekend was, as most know,
general conference. I spent all of Sunday at my adorable bishop's house. As we helped him to flip pancakes, I just thought of his cute teenage boys that must have been woken up the morning previous at 7 am with the news of said occasion and had to clean the 3-story beast. Bishop's house comes complete with a theater room and two others well-equipped for TV-watching... with the facility and the amazing persons that occupy it... lets just say it's awesometown.

Two hours later, after we had heard from some of my favorites-
Eyring who taught me to look for more blessings in my life and write them down, Cook who taught me not to fear, Costa, who reminded me how precious my family is to me, Bednar who always makes me kick it up a notch, and Gordon B, who can't help but make me smile and reminds me what a joy life is- even at 97.

Then we had another full meal, but instead of eating- we went on a walk. Hoping to find where the road led to (near my bishop's house in Alpine) we randomly discovered a small park. Get the picture: This neighborhood is up on a hillside and the park is on flat ground. The houses in view are all ginormously amazing country cottage-looking houses, most of them with barns and ranches attached. This is fresh out of Anne of Green Gables or something... picture perfect. The park had a tire swing, and those bars we use to tie our sweatshirts on and swing around... it was awesome. The air was crispy and it felt like Christmas and I was 10... still no swings.

Then I discovered a small pathway on a hillside near the park. I jokingly shouted, "this must be the trail to the swings!" I ran up it so it only took a minute and when I got to the top, guess what I found? Swings!! The swings faced the incredible view of the countryside with mountains on the left. You could see all of the cute houses and wide open spaces. The cold wind would smack my face along with my huge hair and I even leaned back and came up again so it would tickle my insides and make me giggle like I was 5 again. I smiled and thanked God for the moment.
I needed a swing.


  1. I loved Conference too and I love you for doing as we were taught and writing down the feelings about God's hand in our lives. I appreciate the clever writing itself. I was there at the park as I read. I Heart You.

  2. I'm a fan......thanks for the visit! We love you!

  3. Love me this post. Can't believe I haven't commented yet, 'cause I've read it like three times.

    I LOVE those, "life rocks, and i'm on a swing, and i needed a swing" moments.

  4. That sounds like something from a book! How fun that there were swings... hidden away down a little path. That must have been wonderful! Can I just say that I love reading your blogs and that you always can make me laugh! :) Thanks!
    -Karisa Tomkinson (Crawford)

  5. Hi Megan! I was thrilled to see your blog. You are too cute- what nice post!

  6. Love your blog Megan! Hope to see you again soon!

  7. Meg!!! I went out with Meghan last night, you know the usual dinner and the dollar... but I got her to go to this fun quirky place called the Blue Plate Diner... we will have to go, Anyway, she told me about how funny your blog was! I have to agree! I miss your face and guts and can't wait to come see your show!

  8. Megan Moffat! So I came across your blog via facebook and it is the funniest thing ever. Looks like you're doing well and thanks for the entertainment!

    Lacey (Palmer, that is)