Sunday, August 12, 2007

Speaking of cultural halls...

(Proof that cultural hall decor is in fact a lucrative side-business...)

Another one of my friends (Lindsee FreakinCuteface Hill)got married this week, which is the phase of my life I guess... she was stunning as heck and the place looked just like her- and it was a high school reunion in almost every sense. I got to see some old, of course now married, friends... The decor was oddly reminiscent of MHS.... oh- and the bride and party warmed my heart by beginning the dance with a choreographed rendish of Thriller- (sing it) AWESOME!! This was great because Linz and I had always talked about how we wanted to dance at our weddings... and then found ourselves the only two on the floor for a while. "Linz... you do realize we are the only ones dancing, right?" (She just kept on dancin!) I will miss that girl- she is one of my very favorite people... I know I will see her but not as a fun, single person that I can play with...(dramatic sigh...)


  1. Agreed. Great post, great pictures, and I agree whole heartedly about Lindsee. I told her parents at church today that she was one of my most very favorite single friends, and now, she's basically dead to me. Okay, okay, not really, but kind of. I'm dramatic, that's all.

  2. I love so much about this post.

  3. I'm so honored that I made the blog! Sorry I'm a few days late. :( Um, anyways, do I look like I am truly a mammoth in that picture? The caption should have been, and here is my friend Mel who is an astonishing 17 feet tall, and taller in heels than her husband which she claims that she doesn't have a problem with until she sees a picture of it. Way to plant the seed of insecurity in me once again. Like my poor little self-esteem needed that in addition to all of it's other hardships!
    Anyhoo, you are soooo very adorable, and my favorite to see at none other than the cultural hall receptions!
    Oh, and sorry to write a novel. You just get me all excited!

  4. First off the decorations in your apt are fun-sorry your buddy is moving. As for the wedding thing and your friend moving on with life- I am sorry- but let me just tell you its worse trying to find married friends who want to "play" after marriage. What I mean is whenever I want a girls night out- its always- my husband this, my child that, we're busy, um we already had plans with another couple, or my favorite- let me check with my husband and calendar which really means i don't really want to hang out so I will try and find any excuse possible to not hang out- and don't forget the usual school and work. Seriously now that all my friends are married I have no one to hang out with! But- Emily- of course she's awesome- so if you'd like to come chill or watch a movie- lets do- Just because I am almost 25 does not mean I'm not a teen at heart which most people think married people lose.