Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Calling all CRAFTIES!

So- this is my girlfriend. We have the same name, only hers has a silent "H" in it. We go out all the time, to the movies mostly, and Red Robin cause she really only eats chicken and fries. We have been basically dating for a long while and I would say it is going
pretty well... I mean we are living together!

A pastime of ours: sitting in the middle of the street for no good reason.

Now for the sad news: This cute crafty best friend of mine is MOVING! (In your best Michelle Tanner voice): And I am not very happy about this!!!

She is the main decorator of the place that we can't paint so she has adorned the walls using brilliance, paper, and ribbon.

Here is her work: (I took pictures before she took it down)
The kitchen wall

This is her room:

And here is my contribution to the house:

No, not all from me of course, but my idea.

So my problem now is that the decor baton has been passed to yours truly and I think you have better ideas then I. So think hard- you have a room of white walls, and can't paint them... your couches are green with brown pillows...the kitchen can be whatever you want it to be...GO!


  1. You wrote that I decorate with "Brillance!" I like that! Thanks Meg! Also, Meg, did you notice that the only thing you can read on those pics is the "Ride 'Em Cowboy" sign...I hope that doesn't reflect badly on me. So Meg, I'm so excited to see what you do with the place! I've dominated it for a very long while...you will be fantastic! We should go to Red Robin on a date to discuss new and exciting decor details! Love your face #1.

  2. she has done some AWESOME things to the place! i wish i could help you out, but i'm only good at copying, so i say duplicate what she had!

  3. oh and btw... LOVE the shirt yo uare wearing in these pics!

  4. So the new decorating chairman huh? Hmm.....how the wheels now roll. I might be available for phone consultations and a road trip/hot glue gun expert if needed at a future date. I know you will miss cute Meghan(what the h?) What a great friend she is and clever homemaker in the truest sense. Heart, Peg

  5. Peg! Can I use that? "Hi, my name is Meghan, what the h!" I'm going to. See if I don't.

  6. Glad you found our blogs! Its so good to see what you're up to hear from you! :)

  7. Sorry I usually check my grammar. I think its supposed to read: Its so good to see what you're up to and to hear from you!

  8. So I'm thinking about the Decor right now and thinking...hhmmm......we love the quilt in Megan(no h)'s boo'd-wah and I say with a huge right arm to the sky - Copy those colors and move to the public with them. The living room and Kitchen aught to get some of the love eh?

  9. Oh I am so excited I found your blog! How the hec are you? I love the art work on the white walls (never thought to do something like that) and holy cow your hair is long. :)

  10. Hey Girl,
    This is Cindy (use-to-be-Merrell) Spratling. I just want to say, I love you. I found your blog and have loved seeing pics of you there and on Facebook. Also, I think I know your Meghan friend. Did she go to BYU-I at one point? I think she was in my ward. She's happy all the time. Love it.