Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I would like to interrupt the not-so-much-a-reader's-digest recap of this trip to pose a very important question that my roommate and I were just pontificating: Did anyone ever find the black M&M in the mix? And if that person was the lucky one to get to it first did they mail it in somehow so that it didn't melt? They couldn't have taken a picture of it- cause I know how to Photoshop one of those- that could be faked well. Maybe the package had a code on it sos you know... but what if the wrong package got mixed up with some other M&Ms? Well then you would never know you had it- or the one that did would send in a phony wrapper! What a severe waste of consumers' time- well, unless you look at it from their view- great marketing technique...my economics teacher would roll just thinking about it. I miss Dean Crapitto... (E to the Eco...Crap to the itto...good times.)

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