Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In lieu of Emily's "List"

So I have been thinking, and I think I agree with Emily-- we should find those things that make our lives a little easier. Today marks the day of a revolution in my life. You laugh- but I do not. Today is the day that I discovered Google Calendaring... oh yes. If you are a gmailer... good for you! If you are not... I could come visit you in a suit to convert you. You need it in your life. Well- at least you need this calendaring thing. It is the most brilliant- easier to use than Excel and easier to read. And you can have it email you reminder stuff... and you can invite people to events through planning in on your calendar... and you can create different sections to color-code everything. I have most of my life planned out until somewhere in September... and don't think I am done! I love this thing like kids like candy! (Get candy, get candy, get candy, get candy...)
(you can click on that so see one week of my life in close-up view)
Oh- I should also mention that photo blogging is another favorite pastime of mine... and Josh's. If you want access to my pictures as well... check them out: http://picasaweb.google.com/Meg.moffat

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