Monday, June 4, 2007

Good question old friend...

My only younger sibling posed a very good question which I feel must be addressed now as my duty as her elder sibling. She asked, "why aren't handkercheifs used any more?" I will tell you- because it is quite disgusting actually. I guess people decided that the whole "keep-your-own-greenish-snotty-tear dripping-name and possibly temple embroidered-snot cloth" thing is something that shouldn't go back in your pocket. In fact, I would venture that someone in the medical community that is far more paranoid than us "average joe-types" probably came up with the disposable hanky idea. Thanks for keeping us safe Kleenex. Ooh- and entirely useless fact: Facial tissue was first used in Japan because they know how to make paper better than we do - thought Abacus would like that one! ;)

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